Terese has been taking care of our dog Leo since he was a puppy. He is a rescue dog and was abandoned and abused the first 3 months of his life. We adopted him when he was 5 months old. Terese has always handled him with a great amount of patience and compassion. He is absolutely beside himself with joy when she comes to our house and takes him for his walk. It's great for me to see him so trusting of another person. He needs constant love and reassurance and Terese certainly gives that to him. I feel that Terese has the best people (Paula and Shirley) working with her to make "Reigning Cats & Dogs" a service that everyone would want for their pets!





We connected with Terese and Reigning Cats & Dogs more than 15 years ago and have been consistently using their excellent services ever since. Given our times away from home, more than six times a year for up to two weeks at a time, Terese and her colleagues have been invaluable for us and for our cats, Lucy & Desi. Whenever we return, our cats are loving, unstressed, well-fed and comfortable. As a rule, they tend to be messy when they eat or use the litter box but all is perfect when we return. We are so grateful to Terese as even though we dislike leaving Lucy and Desi, we know that they will be given great, loving care while we are away.

- Diane Aronson, Arlington

Our dog has been with Terese and her staff since 2002. They started walking Ami when she was 8 weeks old and now she is 7! They are professional, trustworthy and they treat my dog like she is their own. Ami's tail goes a mile a minute when Terese or any of her staff come to pick her up. The staff is always accessible and easily reached. They are flexible, personable and you can tell the animals trust them. You can't ask for more than that! They're a wonderful group!

- Sue Thompson, Arlington

Reigning Cats & Dogs is the best! Our Golden Doodle Lafayette walks every day with Terese and he loves all his doggie friends! Terese and Shirley are so great with the dogs and so flexible about the crazy schedule of owners. We are big fans!
- Beth Ann Dahan     


I highly recommend Reigning Cats & Dogs to anybody who needs a loving caretaker for their animals. The staff genuinely loves animals. I leave for work everyday secure in the knowledge that Rosie will not only be safe and cared for, but she has a blast on her walks and in play group


- Mike    



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Reining Cats & Dogs has been walking my dogs for about a decade. They are trustworthy, reliable and smart. They all know and love our pets almost as much as we do! They have seen us through puppyhood, adoption, illness, training, and recently, loss. But the most telling story belongs to the dogs themselves. Often, on my non-work day, I will be walking the dogs in the park, when one of them stops, listens, and then takes off out of sight at a run. I no longer worry, knowing that I will run around the corner and find them happily greeting their canine and human friends from RC&D. They're the best!


- Amy Shorey    




Terese has been our cat sitter for over ten years. We couldn't comfortably go on vacation without the knowledge that our 15 year old cat was safe in her care. We rely on her completely and wouldn't know what to do without her. Unfortunately we never see her as she comes when we aren't home, but now we can keep up with her on her wonderful web page!


  - Karen Timmermans    


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Reigning Cats & Dogs is the best and I would not consider using anyone else to care for Rocky and Molly when I am away.


When I was looking for someone to care for my two cats when I travel, I was looking for someone who could not only just feed them, but someone who would really care for them (like giving them medication, if necessary). Further, I needed someone who could take of the kitties on short notice, since my travel schedule can change at the last minute. Finally, I needed someone who could make sure that my 'fraidy cat', Molly, was okay, since she would probably be hiding under a piece of furniture when the person came to the house! Once I met Terese Thacker, I knew that she was going to take very good care of Rocky & Molly, and that has been the case since August 1998.


Reigning Cats & Dogs has always provided Rocky & Molly with the best care, and now even Molly sometimes comes to greet Terese when she is caring for them! The fact that I know Terese cares about them really puts my mind at ease when I travel, which is quite frequently. And when either Rocky or Molly have been on medication, Terese has taken great pains to make sure they get it, which is a challenge with Molly in particular!


There are three key benefits of working with Reigning Cats & Dogs. First, I can easily check and verify the dates when I need someone to care for Rocky & Molly. Second, if I am delayed in getting home from a trip, I can easily let Terese know and she will care for the cats until I can get home. Finally, knowing that someone is not only feeding Rocky & Molly, but is making sure that they are okay during a visit puts my mind at ease.


That peace of mind is priceless.

  - Carol    



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